Building React Components using Tailwind

Tailwind is a very popular CSS framework that provides low-level utility classes to help developers build custom designs.

In this post, I’ll explain a several different ways you build reusable React components that leverage Tailwind CSSunder the hood, while exposing a nice “Reacty” interface to other components.

Launching Node Web Apps

I’m launching a new blog called Node Web Apps. NWA’s goal is to educate developers on solutions to common problems related to JavaScript web applications. Using the resources here, anyone should be able to create, deploy and maintain a JavaScript web app in production.   I will be posting any JavaScript related content on NWA and using this site […]

React Native on Android Troubleshooting

I’ve been working on a project that involves integrating React Native into an existing Android application. The React Native documentation is great, but there are some gaps when it comes to Android integration, both via the emulator and on the device. Here are some small issues that I ran into while getting React Native to work […]

Remove merged git branches

  To get a list of all remote branches: for remote in git branch -r ; do git branch –track $remote; done To remove remote branches that have been merged into master: git branch –merged master | grep -v master | cut -d/ -f2- | xargs -n 1 git push –delete origin And to remove […]

Build Something.

One of the first questions that I ask when interviewing someone is “What’s something interesting that you have built or made?” It’s surprising how many engineering graduates do not have anything to show. I always wonder why. The first time I saw a line of code was during a C++ course that every freshman engineering student has […]

Front-end Apps with NuclearJS

  At SoundHound, our front-end stack is heavily composed of React Components. About 8 months ago, we naturally began experimenting with Flux implementations as well since the two work well together. We started with the generic Flux implementation, then moved to Reflux, and finally settled on NuclearJS. This post will explain some of our rationale behind what NuclearJS is, […]

Sublime Text Setup

I recently updated to Sublime Text 3. While doing that, I decided to take some time to upgrade my code editor’s looks and functionality. I spend most of my day on this app, so it should look and feel great. Here’s what my Sublime Text looks like. Here are the plugins that I use: Hero Theme […]

Hound Voice Search

Here’s a short video demo of Hound Beta (the team that I’ve been a part of for the last 9 months at SoundHound). You should see it if you haven’t yet. I’m very proud of what the team has accomplished. We’re also working on an accompanying developer platform called Houndify, which you can use to add a […]

Cheers to YUI

A few days ago, Yahoo released a blog post announcing the end of active development on YUI. Having been a YUI Core Team member for the last two years (up until a month ago), I thought that I’d share my thoughts on my relationship with YUI, and the people who built it.