Launching Node Web Apps

I’m launching a new blog called Node Web Apps. NWA’s goal is to educate developers on solutions to common problems related to JavaScript web applications. Using the resources here, anyone should be able to create, deploy and maintain a JavaScript web app in production.   I will be posting any JavaScript related content on NWA and using this site […]

React Native on Android Troubleshooting

I’ve been working on a project that involves integrating React Native into an existing Android application. The React Native documentation is great, but there are some gaps when it comes to Android integration, both via the emulator and on the device. Here are some small issues that I ran into while getting React Native to work […]

Front-end Apps with NuclearJS

  At SoundHound, our front-end stack is heavily composed of React Components. About 8 months ago, we naturally began experimenting with Flux implementations as well since the two work well together. We started with the generic Flux implementation, then moved to Reflux, and finally settled on NuclearJS. This post will explain some of our rationale behind what NuclearJS is, […]

Cricket Time

A quick little NodeJS app that makes it easy for me to check cricket game timings, and watch live games. Check it out. Rationale Going on popular cricket sites like Cricinfo just to check what time the next game was starting to get annoying. Game times on those sites are hidden away and require multiple clicks […]


Make your Github Pages look pretty. Every time I want to make Github Pages for my open source projects, I start from scratch. I decided to fix that today. This morning, I took some time to make PrettyPages, an HTML template that makes it really easy to make nice looking Github Pages. Just copy/paste the […]

Y.Tipsy and Y.Popover

I’m a big fan of tooltips and popovers – widgets that provides contextual information on demand. I see them all over the place but I didn’t find one in YUI that I particularly liked, so I wrote my own. If you use YUI 3 for front-end development, you can now take advantage of Y.Tipsy and […]

-ms-touch-action in IE10

If you’re optimizing your website for IE10 on tablets, get ready to deal with -ms-touch-action. This is a new CSS property introduced by Microsoft in IE10. Essentially, it determines what default browser behaviors to enable in touch mode. When I say default behavior, I mean things like: Making the whole page do the “elastic-bounce” when […]


I recently competed in a 24hr Yahoo! Hack Day where I designed and developed Glance along with @allenr. With Glance, we wanted to show that you could make great looking web apps that work great in all browsers across desktop and mobile without resorting to CSS Media Queries or User-Agent sniffing, or changing the code […]