Share localhost for easier mobile testing

All web developers today should be testing their websites/web applications on mobile devices. I don’t mean simulators or emulators; I mean real-life devices that you hold in your hand. I’d like to share my development workflow, to help you understand how I develop on my local server, test changes on devices, and share the current state of my work with others via URLs.

Developing a web app vs. a native app

There’s a lot of back-and-forth between developers on whether one should focus on developing web apps, or native apps when it comes to mobile platforms. I’ve done a bunch of thinking on this, and having developed both types of apps, I wanted to share my point-of-view. I’m mostly going to be referring to iOS and […]

Cricket Time

A quick little NodeJS app that makes it easy for me to check cricket game timings, and watch live games.┬áCheck it out. Rationale Going on popular cricket sites like Cricinfo just to check what time the next game was starting to get annoying. Game times on those sites are hidden away and require multiple clicks […]

Start a NodeJS project quickly

If you’re building a web project using NodeJS, there are plenty of ways to start. I have a one-line method to generate project scaffolding that I use for every website that I build using Node. I’ve been creating a bunch of websites running on NodeJS lately, and have become more opinionated in my stack. Generally, […]


Make your Github Pages look pretty. Every time I want to make Github Pages for my open source projects, I start from scratch. I decided to fix that today. This morning, I took some time to make PrettyPages, an HTML template that makes it really easy to make nice looking Github Pages. Just copy/paste the […]

Y.Tipsy and Y.Popover

I’m a big fan of tooltips and popovers – widgets that provides contextual information on demand. I see them all over the place but I didn’t find one in YUI that I particularly liked, so I wrote my own. If you use YUI 3 for front-end development, you can now take advantage of Y.Tipsy and […]