Introducing Bedrock

Introducing Bedrock

Bedrock is a quick way to start an Express app with nice defaults without having to worry about setup and configuration. It is a collection of modules and libraries that I find myself using in almost every Express app that I make. Bedrock removes the repetition that is involved when building a new Express app.

You can deploy a new Bedrock server instantly for free on Heroku, just by clicking the button below:



Bedrock does the following for you:

  • Sets up your views and layout files
  • Configures a basic Express 4.0 Server
  • Sets up a Handlebars View Engine
  • Exposes useful Handlebars helpers
  • Sets up a place to store config data
  • Creates 404/500 pages
  • Basic Route Handling
  • Loads popular front-end code (jQuery/Pure by default)
  • Shares Handlebars partials with the client
  • Shares JavaScript variables with the client


By default, Bedrock is built on the following stack:

  • Express 4.x
  • Handlebars View Engine, with express-handlebars
  • Common Handlebars Helpers like {{addLocalJS}}{{addRemoteCSS}} and others to make it easy to load CSS/JS on a per-page basis.
  • Uses express-state to expose data from the server to the client.
  • Allows you to share Handlebars templates/partials between the server and the client.

View the source on GitHub, or check out the installation instructions.

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Cheers to YUI

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