Cheers to YUI

A few days ago, Yahoo released a blog post announcing the end of active development on YUI. Having been a YUI Core Team member for the last two years (up until a month ago), I thought that I’d share my thoughts on my relationship with YUI, and the people who built it.

Y.Tipsy and Y.Popover

I’m a big fan of tooltips and popovers – widgets that provides contextual information on demand. I see them all over the place but I didn’t find one in YUI that I particularly liked, so I wrote my own. If you use YUI 3 for front-end development, you can now take advantage of Y.Tipsy and […]

Future of YUI CSS

I’m a little late on this, but my smaller talk at YUIConf got released on YUI Theater a few days ago. Most of the talk is on skinning YUI widgets and it’s presented very eloquently by Jeff Conniff. I jump in at the end and give a brief introduction to the YUI Responsive Grid Builder […]


I recently competed in a 24hr Yahoo! Hack Day where I designed and developed Glance along with @allenr. With Glance, we wanted to show that you could make great looking web apps that work great in all browsers across desktop and mobile without resorting to CSS Media Queries or User-Agent sniffing, or changing the code […]

Snappier YUI3 Scrollview

YUI3 Scrollview is great but sometimes, it’s not “nativey” enough for me. I fooled around a lot with the config parameters and finally found one that I think works well (especially on iOS). Try this config object to make your YUI3 Scrollview instance feel a little snappier. var scrollView = new Y.ScrollView({ srcNode: ‘#resultList’, height: […]

Making an iOS-Style Popover with YUI3

One of the things I worked on this summer during my internship with the YUI team was building the Panel widget that’s shipping with YUI3.4.0. I like the whole “windowing” space, because I think it’s an area where the web can do a lot better. Modal overlays look gorgeous in iOS and there’s no reason […]

Good software

Was in the car going to lunch today and was having a conversation with Matt Sweeney regarding web application development, and tools that we use to solve some problems. I think we were talking about testing frameworks and code coverage tools. Anyway, he said something that made a lot of sense (everything he says makes […]

Introducing Crictainment

Update: I’ve been working on transferring this into a native iPad app. See the newer post here I want to introduce an app that I worked on this term for Yahoo!’s Hackathon. It’s called Crictainment and it’s a mobile web app that curates media related to cricket (you know, the sport). Screenshots Open Crictainment in […]