Hi, I’m Tilo 👋

I’m a Software Engineering Manager at Square, working on Square for Retail.

When I build something new, I usually learn something in the process.

This website is a way for me to chronicle these lessons and ideas. Most of my articles are around solutions to problems that we face when building great web products.

Products that I’ve built

Apart from my professional work, these are some side projects that I’ve built in my spare time.

  • 🏝️ Visabug: Visabug collects over 1M+ data points on 230+ countries and 1,200+ cities around the world to help make travel planning easier. Ranked #2 on ProductHunt and recommended by Chris Messina.
  • 🔮 Abra: A web application that helps product managers plan better.
  • 🖌️ Pure: A minimalist CSS Framework with 20,000+ stars on GitHub.
  • 👩‍💻 Remote Job Lists: An open source remote jobs site. Ranked #4 on ProductHunt.
  • Bedrock: An open source web application framework with built-in user authentication. Not working on this anymore, but remnants of it are present in the current web applications that I have built.

My Articles

Principles of Engineering Management
I share my thoughts around what I learned when transitioning from a software engineer to a manager.

It’s been cross-posted on The Startup, Medium’s largest publication.

You can find all of my articles here. I also cross-post them on Medium.

Talks, presentations, and awards


I’m currently not on the lookout for new opportunities, but if you are trying to try to get a hold of me, here’s my ideal workplace:

  • Working with smart people on impactful products
  • I prefer working with designers, engineers, and product managers to build user-facing features
  • I enjoy ownership and responsibility
  • I like having opportunities to learn new things
  • Modern technology stack
  • A company with a strong vision that treats its employees and its customers well
  • The flexibility to work remotely sometimes

Here’s my resume, my LinkedIn Profile, and my GitHub Repositories.