UI Innovation in Twitter for iPad

Engadget just posted their review of Twitter for iPad (which btw, was released a few hours ago), and the video review really highlights some of the thought that the Twitter development team have put into the interface. It also emphasizes my belief that no matter how great an app is, the average person (ie: non-techie) […]

Thoughts on HTML5 Boilerplate

For those of you that don’t know, Paul Irish (along with the help of many contributors) recently released the HTML5 Boilerplate – a base template for those of us wishing to develop websites or web apps with HTML5 (along with CSS3 and JS). I recently went through the code-base, with the help of Paul himself (through this screencast available on Nettuts) and wanted to share some thoughts.

Facebook Connect & CodeIgniter

For anyone trying to incorporate Facebook into CodeIgniter, you probably have come across the dreaded invalid session error. In this tutorial, I show how to get past this error. Thanks to Eliot Haughlin for his Facebook CodeIgniter library, which really helped me out.

Attached to the tutorial, I have a zip file with my modified version of Elliot’s library and the latest Facebook PHP Client Library. Just drag and drop it into your web app!