Cricket Time

Cricket Time
A quick little NodeJS app that makes it easy for me to check cricket game timings, and watch live games. Check it out.


Going on popular cricket sites like Cricinfo just to check what time the next game was starting to get annoying. Game times on those sites are hidden away and require multiple clicks to access. Just take a look at the picture below.


The times are provided in specific timezones, and I had to do some mental math to figure out exactly  how many hours from now is the next game starting. In contrast, Cricket Time pulls down the next 10 upcoming games, and humanizes the times. It’s:

  • always in sync
  • works in whatever time zone you are in
  • Updates in real-time
  • Works great on mobile too (I added the website to my home screen)

Live Games

I’ve also added a feed so you can view live games. This is my personal go-to stop when I am away from my TV and I want to see what’s happening.

live feed

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