Start a NodeJS project quickly

If you’re building a web project using NodeJS, there are plenty of ways to start. I have a one-line method to generate project scaffolding that I use for every website that I build using Node.

I’ve been creating a bunch of websites running on NodeJS lately, and have become more opinionated in my stack. Generally, I use the following:

  • Express
  • Handlebars as my view engine (via express3-handlebars)
  • YUI on the client (and on the server, if I need Models on the server interacting with a DB)
  • MongoDB (with Mongoose), or MySQL (with Sequelize)
  • SocketIO (optional)

Instead of starting from scratch, I decided to fork the popular node-boilerplate repo, and make some modifications so that it represents the stack above. This is the result. It’s my starting point whenever I’m creating a new Express app on NodeJS. I just do the following:

> git clone myprojectname
> cd myprojectname
> npm install
> npm start

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