Launching Node Web Apps

I’m launching a new blog called Node Web Apps. NWA’s goal is to educate developers on solutions to common problems related to JavaScript web applications. Using the resources here, anyone should be able to create, deploy and maintain a JavaScript web app in production.   I will be posting any JavaScript related content on NWA and using this site […]

Cricket Time

A quick little NodeJS app that makes it easy for me to check cricket game timings, and watch live games. Check it out. Rationale Going on popular cricket sites like Cricinfo just to check what time the next game was starting to get annoying. Game times on those sites are hidden away and require multiple clicks […]

Y.Tipsy and Y.Popover

I’m a big fan of tooltips and popovers – widgets that provides contextual information on demand. I see them all over the place but I didn’t find one in YUI that I particularly liked, so I wrote my own. If you use YUI 3 for front-end development, you can now take advantage of Y.Tipsy and […]


I recently competed in a 24hr Yahoo! Hack Day where I designed and developed Glance along with @allenr. With Glance, we wanted to show that you could make great looking web apps that work great in all browsers across desktop and mobile without resorting to CSS Media Queries or User-Agent sniffing, or changing the code […]


We’re launching Lift today so that all businesses can take advantage of technology to increase their bottom line. UI Design, Web/Mobile Development, and consulting. No bull, just great work. Check us out.

Choose for Change

Update (May 24, 2012): Choose For Change is live now. I was unable to help with the design process near the end because I was on vacation. However, I was bored today so I decided to do another mockup for fun. Not sure if we’ll have time to implement this, but here it is:

Presenting Peekaboo

Today, we presented our final year design project, Peekaboo, to the University of Waterloo. I thought it was only fair that I post it online on the same day as well.

Peekaboo is an iOS app that lets you find out more about people around you. It accomplishes this by using facial detection and recognition. Simply snap a picture and Peekaboo tries to find out who the people in it are.