An Update on

Figured I would give a quick update as to how been doing. We’re about 2 weeks in, and the response has been great. People seem to love the idea, the execution and the UI/UX, which is heartwarming although I still think it’s rough around the edges (won’t tell you where because then you will […]

We’re Launching!

@rezcubed and I really happy to launch today. is a real-time top 40 list of the hottest songs based on conversations on Twitter. We take a ton of tweets and figure out what the top 40 songs that day are. You’re able to just press play and forget as it cycles through all […]

Introducing Crictainment

Update: I’ve been working on transferring this into a native iPad app. See the newer post here I want to introduce an app that I worked on this term for Yahoo!’s Hackathon. It’s called Crictainment and it’s a mobile web app that curates media related to cricket (you know, the sport). Screenshots Open Crictainment in […]