Day 3 – Budapest

Day 3 – Budapest
Segwaying towards the Cathedral

This was a busy day. It started with a 8am flight from Milan to Budapest via Wizz Air. The flight only cost $69 but the airline was very good. I would recommend them. Just make sure you book everything online, as purchasing things at the airport is expensive.


Once we landed in Budapest, our Uber driver Alex, was kind enough to give us a driving tour of the city. Turns out he is happily retired and just drives Uber for fun. We even took a selfie with him.

Alex dropped us off at our AirBnb where we met up with Cathy’s friend Katie. She came along with us for the day to explore Budapest. We started by hitting up a pastry shop and then going to Gozsdu Udvar for lunch. I lost a bet regarding consuming large quantities of butter, but I won’t get into the details.

After lunch, we met Reemah back at the Airbnb. She had arrived from Canada, and met us in Budapest. That evening, we rented a couple of segways and took a 2-hour segway trip around Budapest. We went with – I recommend these guys.

The segways were a great idea, and they’re a great way to get the vibe of a city.

Today was my birthday, so we went out to enjoy a Hungarian dinner at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen. The place had a live band, so they serenaded me with birthday songs.

Steven and I went out later at night for a few drinks at Szimpla Kert, a popular ruin bar in the city. It was the most interesting-looking bar that I’ve ever been to. (Tip – don’t come here after 2am).

We were in Budapest for just another day, and we still had a lot to explore.

  1. Krystin’s (your cousin-in-law) younger sister Laura is studying in Budapest this semester. We visited her the week before the wedding and went to the same ruin bar – interesting to say the least!

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