Day 2 – Milan

We landed in Milan around noon and took the train from the airport into the city.

We had some trouble getting in touch with our AirBnb host, so we decided to make the most of the situation and headed to the city centre with our luggage in tow. It helped that we packed light and only had carry-ons.

Walking through the streets of Milan with our luggage.

The streets of Milan were pretty empty. Apparently, the day was a national holiday. However, once we reached the city center, we saw tons of people. We treated ourselves to some delicious cheesy calzones and some gelato.

While exploring the famous Duomo and the Galleria, we finally managed to get in touch with our Airbnb host. We ended up walking over to it soon after to freshen up. After a short nap, we met up with some friends for an authentic Italian dinner.

We crashed pretty early as we had a flight early next morning for Budapest.

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