Day 4 – Budapest

Our second day in Budapest was spent exploring the city by ourselves. We slept in a bit and started by grabbing brunch. We went to Comme Chez Soi, which is rated very highly by TripAdvisor.

The lunch was amazing. We ordered 4 courses but we probably got 3 more courses thrown in for free. Each dish was immaculate. This was hands-down the best meal that I had on this trip. We were treated to complimentary limonata, dessert and wine.

After being stuffed with food, we walked from Comme Chez Soi to the Danube River, where we saw the Hungarian Parliamanent Building and surrounding sights.

Next, we took an Uber to a Margaret Island, which is a park-like area between Buda and Pest. There, we rented an electric golf cart for an hour. I made a bet that I could out-run it for 15 minutes, and I won.

The electric golf cart that I raced through Budapest’s Park.

With sunset approaching, we decided to Uber to Fisherman’s Bastion. It’s known as a great place to view sunsets. It’s also the #1 rated attraction in Budapest. We weren’t disappointed with the views.

Parliament at night
Budapest Parliament at night

The sunset was pretty special. One of the best I’ve seen.

After Fisherman’s Bastion, we headed to Gellert Hill and Statue. There’s this awesome old castle behind it that we walked through.

We headed home from Fisherman’s Bastion, since we had an early morning flight to Prague the next day.

    1. We asked the head chef/owner that, and he just likes hospitality. He said he’s not in it for the profits.

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