Why Canada sucks at cricket

Note: I originally posted this on my Facebook Wall for my friends to read, but I realized that it may have a greater audience. It’s criticism coming from a passionate cricket player and fan, and should be analyzed appropriately.

Okay, so I just finished watching the Canada v Pakistan game. Surprise, surprise, Canada lost again. In fact, they are probably the worst Associate nation in this World Cup by a distance. I say this as a Canadian and as someone who wanted to play for Canada when I was younger (I don’t anymore, not because I suck – which I do – but because the whole system is broken and it pisses me off). So I’m going to outline exactly WHY Canada sucks so much. Bad news is that I don’t see them improving much in the near future either. I’m probably going to get flamed for this by people, but who cares about them.

Problem #1: Make some decent grounds

I’ve played cricket in Canada since I was 14 years old. I have played in probably every ground in Ontario, from King City to Windsor. Apart from King City and a few others, all the grounds SUCK! Have you been to Mumbai to see Shivagi Park? It’s literally full of dried mud, there’s no grass. But the outfield is REALLY FAST, so proper cricketers get value for their shots. The grounds here are so slow that the only way to score fast is to play stupid cross-batted heaves. Yeah, that works here because the bowlers aren’t special but try playing that against decent bowlers in the World Cup. You’ll hit 1 good knock, and then do nothing useful for the next 3 years. It’s not hard to make a good ground. Cut the grass REALLY short or don’t have grass at all.

Problem #2: The good players don’t get picked

I’ve seen some really good players over the years. Only one played for Canada in this World Cup. So I was looking over the World Cup scorecards and some of the younger Canadians made like 5 off 25 balls. I’m sure the people I know could have done atleast as well.

There are two theories I have come up with as to why these people don’t get picked.

  1. You know those bad grounds I mentioned? Some people who top score in the leagues like TDCA and stuff are actually the worst batsmen technically. They are brute hitters. That’s fine, but you can’t build a whole team around them. And the kids who have good technique – they go to TDCA games when they are 14-15yrs old and see a cover-drive gives them one run while a baseball slog gives them 3. Screw the cover-drive right?
  2. Canada has this over-reliance on getting players from abroad who have recently immigrated to play for them. So I could be playing in a league from 6years of age, but when I am 25, I find out some guy who just immigrated from Sri Lanka is chosen. This is fine, we want to pick the best players. But if you are doing this, understand that the league system is broken and fix it!!! Otherwise, what motivation do I have for playing??!

Problem #3: No professionalism

With some exceptions, people who manage stuff think they own the game. Dude, relax – this is cricket, not ice hockey. Kids are coming from very far away to play for your team in 4 degrees celsius weather, and without them you wouldn’t have a team. Learn to respect that. Kids are going to feel down when they don’t score well. Learn to encourage and teach them. Don’t have favourites, don’t play petty politics. Don’t pretend like you know the game in and out, because you probably don’t.

Parting Thoughts

Canada, I’m hoping you win atleast one game this World Cup, because you won’t be in it in 2015. However, I don’t see that happening. I’m not even sad or disappointed, in fact I hope you lose. Because if you win, that means all the flaws in this system will be hidden away and everyone will think things are fine. I used to dream of representing you on a cricket field someday. I don’t want to be associated with something like this anymore. I’m fine standing on the outside.

PS: Canadian team, I have no personal vendetta against you, my problem is against the system. Don’t take this personally.

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