Apple’s New Campus

A quote from Wired’s article on the Apple “Spaceship” Campus stood out to me: At one point, Behling recalls, Jobs discussed the walls he had in mind for the offices: “He knew exactly what timber he wanted, but not just ‘I like oak’ or ‘I like maple.’ He knew it had to be quarter-­cut. It […]

React Native on Android Troubleshooting

I’ve been working on a project that involves integrating React Native into an existing Android application. The React Native documentation is great, but there are some gaps when it comes to Android integration, both via the emulator and on the device. Here are some small issues that I ran into while getting React Native to work […]

Analyzing Tendulkar’s Batting

Note: To really understand this post, I’m going to assume you have a good understanding of cricket’s rules. However if you don’t know cricket well, you should still read this to understand how subtle the game really is. It’ll be interesting.   Having played cricket since I was 5 years old and having watched the game […]

Build Something.

One of the first questions that I ask when interviewing someone is “What’s something interesting that you have built or made?” It’s surprising how many engineering graduates do not have anything to show. I always wonder why. The first time I saw a line of code was during a C++ course that every freshman engineering student has […]

6 tips to take better photos

I’ve always dabbled in photography, but decided to take it a little more seriously about 18 months ago. I travel a fair bit and wanted to take better photos so I remember the good times spent with family, friends, and my own thoughts. Once I came to this realization, I naturally started researching and learning everything […]

Front-end Apps with NuclearJS

  At SoundHound, our front-end stack is heavily composed of React Components. About 8 months ago, we naturally began experimenting with Flux implementations as well since the two work well together. We started with the generic Flux implementation, then moved to Reflux, and finally settled on NuclearJS. This post will explain some of our rationale behind what NuclearJS is, […]


I’m big on wallpapers (the digital kind, not the kind that you put on walls). The following gallery shows some of my favorite wallpapers. These are pretty high resolution; I use them on my rMBP and Apple Cinema Display. You can also find the set on Dropbox Carousel for download.