In April 2015, my friends and I travelled to Europe for 10 days via New York City. We visited Milan, Budapest, Prague, Grindelwald, Interlaken, Como and Cinque Terre. This is my photostory of our trip, broken up into each day.

This trip was by far the craziest that I’ve been on, in terms of daily activity. Everyday was practically filled with things to do. Here are some statistics about the trip:

Total Days: 10
Cities Visited: 8
Countries Visited: 5
Distance Flown: 9,045 km
Distance Railed: 525km
Distance Driven: 833 km
Photographs Taken: 2,367


Follow the links below to go to my photo story. I recommend starting on Day 1.

Day 1 – New York City: A day in the Big Apple
Day 2 – Milan: A quick pitstop in Italy
Day 3 – Budapest: Segwaying across the city
Day 4 – Budapest: City exploration
Day 5  – Prague: City exploration
Day 6 – Prague: Back on the segway
Day 7 – Como: Lakeside retreat
Day 8 – Switzerland: Mountains and caves
Day 9 – Cinque Terre: Water, wine and seafood
Day 10 – Homeward Bound: Back to reality


My primary camera during this trip was a Sony NEX-7. I also brought a GoPro Hero 3 along with a few accessories: a headmount, a chestmount and a selfie stick. The selfie stick was super handy, not just for selfies, but for getting wide-angle shots above large crowds. I also had my trusty iPhone 6 for quick shots, videos and hyperlapses.


We didn’t sleep much, but whenever we did, we primarily relied on AirBnbs. I’ll get into the individual ones in the separate posts. We used Uber to transit between our Airbnb and the airport.

Up Next:

Day 10 - Homeward Bound

Day 10 - Homeward Bound