Day 10 – Homeward Bound

This was our last day in Europe and our flight was scheduled to depart at 4pm, so we didn’t have too much time to see or do anything. We spent the morning having breakfast at our hotel, packing our luggage, and checking out.

Our first stop was the Duomo. We didn’t have too much time to spend here, but I was able to take a few shots on my iPhone.


I wish we had more time to spend in Milan, because we barely explored it. Before heading to the airport, we ate our final scoops of gelato. We had this crazy idea of checking out the Milan Expo for an hour before leaving, but we couldn’t find it. It was pretty strange, and we almost missed our flight because we got lost.

Here’s a 360 video I took on my iPhone of the area around the Duomo.


Landing in NYC

Our Emirates flight took us back to New York City. Steven and I spent 2 more days exploring the Big Apple. Here are some of the sights that we saw.

Finally, it was time to come home. We took a Porter flight from Newark back to Toronto on May 6th. I took this shot while leaving the Ferry at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto. Home, sweet home.

Home, sweet home.
Home, sweet home.

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