Day 5 – Prague

We took an early morning train from Budapest to Prague. The train left at 6am so it was a really early start. I slept through most of the 6.5-hour train ride. It wasn’t deep sleep though. It was pretty cool to hear the conductor announce the stops in languages that I didn’t understand.

We reached Prague and headed to our Airbnb in the heart of the Old Town Square, also known as Stare Mesto. We were still tired so we passed out for another 4 hours. We woke up at around 5pm and decided to walk around the Stare Mesto.

This was the street next to our Airbnb.


Prague has really nice architecture, which makes for nice photographs. After some Bohemian Dinner, it was back to exploring the city.

We were still pretty tired. I think not sleeping much in Milan or Budapest was catching up to us. Steven and Cathy decided to crash early, while Reemah, Lucas and I saw some famous Prague attractions at night. These included the Charles Bridge and Mala Strana (Lesser District).

Reemah and Lucas walking across the Charles Bridge.

We knew we only had one more day left in Prague, so we would have to make the most of it. We slept a good 8 hours to prepare ourselves for the next day.

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