Investment books worth reading

I’ve been catching up on some reading now that my university is done. I’ve been learning about investments and the stock market – something I knew very little about a few days ago. I just finished reading these two books. They were very easy to understand and quite inspiring. I recommend them to anyone who […]

Apple’s Philosophy

From a recent interview with Jonathan Ive of Apple: Something I found very interesting was Ive’s response to the question,”When you are coming up with product ideas such as the iPod, do you try to solve a problem?” His reply: There are different approaches – sometimes things can irritate you so you become aware of […]

To Steve

Wow, it’s been a weird few days. The week started with iPhone 5 anticipation and ended with the passing of one of the greatest innovators that the world has seen. I’ve read a lot of tributes to him, but felt I needed to write one of my own.

Introducing Crictainment

Update: I’ve been working on transferring this into a native iPad app. See the newer post here I want to introduce an app that I worked on this term for Yahoo!’s Hackathon. It’s called Crictainment and it’s a mobile web app that curates media related to cricket (you know, the sport). Screenshots Open Crictainment in […]