Levelling ↑ in Photography

I’ve been snapping quite a few pictures during my time here in California. Usually, I just upload them to Facebook but I’ve lately noticed that during their compression process quite a few of my photos become blurry. I decided to put a few of the nicer ones up on Flickr where I can store them in higher resolution anyway. I’m using a plain jane digital camera (Not SLR) so I had to correct the levels on these pictures in iPhoto. I prefer the new iPhoto (2011) to Photoshop when it comes to simple editing since you can revert your changes at any time, and you don’t have to leave the application. Kudos to Apple on that. Thinking about taking a photography class sometime to actually get some lessons but they don’t offer anything like that in University and I don’t really get a summer off. So I’ll meditate on that.

Update [ Dec 2 ]: I bought How to Take Great Photos e-Book by Peter Tellone for $9 yesterday to help me with this stuff – seems like a good read so far.