Sublime Text Setup

I recently updated¬†to Sublime Text 3. While doing that, I decided to take some time to upgrade my code editor’s looks and functionality. I spend most of my day on this app, so it should look and feel great. Here’s what my Sublime Text looks like. Here are the plugins that I use: Hero Theme […]

Share localhost for easier mobile testing

All web developers today should be testing their websites/web applications on mobile devices. I don’t mean simulators or emulators; I mean real-life devices that you hold in your hand. I’d like to share my development workflow, to help you understand how I develop on my local server, test changes on devices, and share the current state of my work with others via URLs.


Make your Github Pages look pretty. Every time I want to make Github Pages for my open source projects, I start from scratch. I decided to fix that today. This morning, I took some time to make PrettyPages, an HTML template that makes it really easy to make nice looking Github Pages. Just copy/paste the […]

Y.Tipsy and Y.Popover

I’m a big fan of tooltips and popovers – widgets that provides contextual information on demand. I see them all over the place but I didn’t find one in YUI that I particularly liked, so I wrote my own. If you use YUI 3 for front-end development, you can now take advantage of Y.Tipsy and […]

Snappier YUI3 Scrollview

YUI3 Scrollview is great but sometimes, it’s not “nativey” enough for me. I fooled around a lot with the config parameters and finally found one that I think works well (especially on iOS). Try this config object to make your YUI3 Scrollview instance feel a little snappier. var scrollView = new Y.ScrollView({ srcNode: ‘#resultList’, height: […]