Thoughts on HTML5 Boilerplate

For those of you that don’t know, Paul Irish (along with the help of many contributors) recently released the HTML5 Boilerplate – a base template for those of us wishing to develop websites or web apps with HTML5 (along with CSS3 and JS). I recently went through the code-base, with the help of Paul himself (through this screencast available on Nettuts) and wanted to share some thoughts.

Facebook Connect & CodeIgniter

For anyone trying to incorporate Facebook into CodeIgniter, you probably have come across the dreaded invalid session error. In this tutorial, I show how to get past this error. Thanks to Eliot Haughlin for his Facebook CodeIgniter library, which really helped me out.

Attached to the tutorial, I have a zip file with my modified version of Elliot’s library and the latest Facebook PHP Client Library. Just drag and drop it into your web app!