Why I don’t wear the same shirt everyday

This is not the first time I’ve seen posts like this from the tech community. Now, people can wear whatever they want, whenever they want, but I have a pet peeve with the whole “focus”, “focus”, “focus” routine that some startup founders are preaching these days.

Focus is great. Focus is necessary. However, when you say that you can’t afford to take 10 seconds of your day to figure out what to wear, I question your time-management, not your focus. If you really want to focus, you should stop writing blog posts and work on your product instead. Blog posts take longer to write than picking clothes in the morning, coincidentally.

I wear different clothes every day because:

  • I like to start today off differently to how I started yesterday off. I don’t like doing the same thing day in and day out. This applies to what I wear. Routine creates boredom, and boredom constricts creativity.
  • I have a whole bunch of clothes and I’d rather make use of them. They define who I am, just like my work and my interests define me.
  • Wearing different clothes for different occasions makes me look and feel confident.
  • I’m not Steve Jobs and I don’t want to impersonate him. I am who I am. Guess what, you’re not the next Steve Jobs either. It’s best not to impersonate trivial details about him in any case.

PS: You can get some nice shirts here. If you want something more stylish, I hear these guys just launched.