I’m shipping 12 products in 12 months

I posted this on Twitter a few weeks earlier but I figure I’ll put it here for posterity. I’m going to be launching 12 projects in 12 months.

Some background:

Why am I doing this?

I want to keep learning new things. This gives me a good opportunity to do that. I get to learn new technologies, do something creative, and learn more about marketing products that I make.

I felt myself falling into a regular routine and not making the most of my days, so this is a good way for me to become more productive.

Here are the rules that I set for myself.

  1. I must ship something every month. Ideally, I should do this by around the 15-18th of the month so I can spend the rest of the time doing some marketing to see if the project is useful to others or not.
  2. I’m going my best to make things that are useful to people. This means stepping outside my comfort zone and talking to people more about their pain points.
  3. I’ll continue to do this until either my 12 months are over, or I find a project that “sticks”.
  4. I’m going to learn new technologies while doing this. Part of the goal here is for me to learn new things.

I got a Trello board set up with 3-4 good ideas so that gives me enough for 4 months.

Month 1: Remote Job Lists

For my first month, I built Remote Job Lists. It aggregates remote job listings from the internet in one easy-to-find place and notifies users when a job that is interesting to them gets posted.

Update: I shut down Remote Job Lists as I felt I did not have the time for active development on it. I have open-sourced the repository.

Month 2-4: Query It

For the next few months, I helped a friend of mine launch Query It. It’s a web application that lets users manage tasks, especially meant for Oil and Gas companies.

Stack Used: React, Redux, Redux Saga, Node with Express, MySQL, Memcached, deployed on AWS with S3.

Month 5-6: Wedding

Took a break due to my wedding! 🎊

Month 7-8: Building a Soccer Predictor

I spent some time learning about data analytics, machine learning, and betting. With some patience and good data, I came up with a viable soccer predictor. I’m still analyzing if it works or not, so I don’t want to reveal too many details.

Essentially, I use a machine learning algorithm to analyze various soccer games to find value bets. This exercise has taught me a lot about the betting industry and statistical modelling. My bets have been through Pinnacle, as they don’t limit winners.

Currently, my backtests are showing decent results, but it is possible that my data is curve-fitted. I’m running some forward tests to validate this. If it does not work very well (which is likely) I’ll probably write up a blog post about it.

Stack Used: Node, MySQL, Various Command Line Tools

Month 9-11: Building an Auction Site for Car Dealerships

I helped a few friends of mine build a web application which is a white-labelled auction site for cars. I can’t link to it because it’s still in private beta. They have partnered with a prominent car marketplace site and have sold a few million dollars worth of cars on the platform. Cool!

I primarily helped them build out the User interface of the web application.

Stack used: React, Redux, Mongo, NextJS, Redis, Ant Design, React Intl for Internationalization