Building native WinJS apps using YUI

My second talk at YUIConf got published a few days ago. In this talk, I look at Windows 8, specifically the WinJS environment. One of my roles at the YUI Team was to make sure the library runs both on Win8 (IE10) and also in WinJS, the new “Metro” style native app environment. Turns out this is not that hard to do, but there are some caveats.

As web developers, we should look to write code that isn’t fragmented across environments. This means using traditional DOM APIs and semantic HTML/CSS, while still making sure that our app works well and is optimized for specific environments such as WinJS. Take a look at this talk to see how to combine YUI App Framework code with native WinJS styles to achieve an app that uses the same codebase across environments, but does not look out of place anywhere.