I’m a senior software engineer working at SoundHound. I currently live in Toronto, Canada although I visit Silicon Valley quite often. My passion is designing and developing zippy and eye-catching web applications. When I need a break from that, I dabble around with iOS apps. I’ve developed apps that have been featured on TheNextWeb and Gigaom. Check out all of my projects.

That’s me (in Peru)!

Outside the computer screen

When my eyeballs are not glued to this beautiful matte display on my Macbook Pro, you’ll find me travelling, taking photos, or playing cricket. I’m also a big foodie and a chocoholic.

Most of my photos of my travels are available on Flickr. In the last year, I have visited Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Peru. I’m hoping to visit Japan and the Far East soon.


Ahh, if you’re looking for my resume, look no further. There’s a little caveat though. Since I’m always writing open source code and creating little projects and hacks, my resume tends to get outdated pretty quickly. Grab a hold of me if you want to chat. I’m also on LinkedIn, but I’m not looking for new full-time opportunities at this time.